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New Pryme is an upcoming comic book publishing and multimedia entertainment company with the aspiration of giving imperative messages, a fresh kind of emphasis and changing the narrative of storytelling/nerd-entertainment here in Nigeria.

From introducing novel anecdotes that house the principle lore of deep truths, to contributing to the accentuation of nerd-culture, New Pryme is passionate about an all round revolution in the industry; posing itself as an embodied statement of the need for constant innovation in creativity and the significance of profound meaning to the fundamentals of life..
  • New Pryme Comics

    NPC (NewPryme Comics) is our growing library of stories that reflect our general vocation. We’re passionate about entertaining as well as communicating necessary virtues and general principles of life, through our words and pictures. We look forward to bringing into fruition a line-up of titles we have set for the years to come.

  • Omni Nerd Network

    Omni nerd network is an NPE initiative created for the sole purpose of accentuating nerd culture in Nigeria. In a markedly growing industry, ONN desires to fill the vacuum of media-press, local critique and other mediums of promotion in the realm of all things nerdy. The initiative presently has an active blog and a community discord server, amongst other future means, in the quest to raise awareness of nerd-entertainment in a local level

  • Omni Nerd Community

    Omni nerd community is a forum of comrades, organizations, friends, creators and fellow enthusiasts passionate about highlighting/making more prominent the growing nerd-culture in Nigeria. It welcomes all races and all backgrounds to collaborate in any creative way possible and contribute to, conversations, criticique, opinions and perspectives on all things nerdy; using discord as an avenue to share and discuss said things both formally and informally.


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